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Key Levels Indicator


Available from your armchair no matter where you are


Launched 2023

Forex Trading

MT4 based initially before expanding into MT5


All indicators are designed to add value individually but especially to EMABOT


Users will receive a licence key to use the indicator

The HaydosFX Key Level Indicator is a tool designed to help traders mark higher timeframe key levels with ease. These key levels are areas where price has previously rejected, opened or closed from indicating support or resistance, and they can have a significant impact on future price movements.

The indicator works by analyzing past price data to identify these key levels, and then displays them on the chart for the trader to see. Traders can use these levels to make informed trading decisions, such as entering or exiting trades or setting stop-loss orders.

The HaydosFX Key Level Indicator works in perfect harmony with the EMABOT expert advisor developed by HaydosFX. The EMABOT expert advisor uses exponential moving averages (EMAs) to identify momentum and take semi-automated trade opportunities. When used together with the Forex Key Level Indicator, traders can have a more complete understanding of the market and make better-informed decisions regarding targets.

Overall, the HaydosFX Key Level Indicator is a valuable tool for traders who want to gain an edge in the market. It simplifies the process of identifying key levels and works seamlessly with the other trading tools available to members.

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